Top 5 Shopify alternatives you need to know about

If you are looking for the best Shopify alternatives there are some great names available which you must know about. Although the Shopify is known as the best e-commerce site builder which is the most popular at the present time but to build an amazing online store this is not the only option which you can get.

The best Shopify alternatives which you must consider

Do you want to know about the best Shopify alternatives which you can consider to build an amazing online store with ease? Well, the following alternatives are the best for you to know:

5.    Big Commerce

Big Commerce is a platform which has high repute and can work amazing for larger businesses with ease. It can be the best platform which you can consider to build your e-commerce website even though if you do not have enough technical knowledge. This can serve you as a one-stop shop to get amazing results with all the required features for your online store which means you do not need to have your own hosting services to run your business. It comes with dedicated support services and you will always have someone professional to reach to get help for any purpose.

4.    Squarespace

This platform is not limited to the generic e-commerce platforms but due to its amazingness in this field, it can be considered as a best Shopify alternative. It comes with an amazing drag and drops website builder which has stunning designs. If you are looking for a platform with powerful e-commerce features then considering Squarespace can be the best option for you. Its basic plan starts from $18 per month which is pretty fine for everyone to purchase.

3.    Wix

Wix is an easy and drag and drops website builder which can help you to place any content at the anyplace according to your needs or desires. Wix is getting enough space in the market due to it’s easy to setup interface. You can create your professional store with just a few clicks. Wix has arrived with more simplified things so that the people who are unaware of technical things can also build an amazing website with ease.

2.    WooCommerce

If you like the WordPress content management system then getting the benefit of WooCommerce for online store builder can be better for you. WooCommerce plugin can provide you all the important and common e-commerce features with ease and this is absolutely free. So, substituting Shopify with WooCommerce plugin can be a better option especially for the beginners.

1.    Snatchu

Number one on this list will be snatchu for several reasons. First it is Ready to be used no hustles! Then it gives you your own store totally free no paid monthly plans, no listing fees. An other good reason its the support they dedicate to seller, using internal communication directly with agents. For payment it is required to have paypal account however purchasers dont have to. They can pay with credit card and paypal account. Lastly i like the design and how easy customer can purchase no account is required to purchase! How cool is that!  This is a new platform with potential to grow nicely.

Regardless of the platform you decide to use, all five of those platforms will serve you depending your needs.