How long does it take for goods to arrive?

  • It depends on many factors like season and shipping methods. It may take some time up to 60 days.
  • Shipping depends on the Seller shipping policy. Usually is free in any other way shipping fees are covered by customer!


Taxes & Fees

  • Snachu has no extra fees for that. However your parcel may be subject to taxes and VAT depending on your Country’s regulations.This kind of fees and chargers are covered by Customer! Please contact your Country’s Customs for more info.


When my parcel will dispatch?

  • When your order is on process is getting ready to be shipped to you. (Must be register to see that) We give Sellers up to 5 days to send it. If 5 days pass without shipping status please contact our customer support we will refund your order and cancel it.
  • Sellers may provide shipping, tracking number if applied.


I cannot track my parcel.

  • This may happen if customs take long time to update the system nothing to worry about.

Usage of Shipping

  • Sellers are not allow to misuse shipping fees if something like that comes in mind contact Snatchu at [email protected] to report it. A misuse may be 1$ item value + 50$ shipping. This is clearly misleading and violates our terms of use.