How can I sell in Snatchu?

Easy just create an account by clicking on become a vendor! We may contact you for few typical questions before approve you as a seller.

Do I pay for listing my item?

No such thing here, only pay a small fee when your item sells!

How do i get my Payment?

Go to your Seller’s Dashboard and Click on Payments then click on Withdrawal select your due amounts and click Request.

What I do when someone contact me with a problem with his order.

The best you can do is negotiate with client. You can resend the product or refund your client having a good customer service will keep them coming back to you.

I have my own policies for refunding, shipping and customer support.

Snatchu allows different policies however everyone has to comply with our policies when applied.

We will step in if needed to protect sellers and buyers for the general good.

I want to sell my goods to specific Country or Countries only can I do it?

Yes you can! However we most accept Worldwide sellers at this time.

Just go your seller dashboard and click on settings. Then click on shipping and select from drop down menu the Country or Countries you want. If you want to ship worldwide select ‘EVERYWHERE ELSE’

We highly recommend to sell worldwide!

What is Simple Product in product editor?

Select this option when you want just to add a product that does not have options. No options means no different colors, no different sizes e.t.c.

How can i get verified?

Simply go to your profile (the image icon on the top right) and upload your business documents. You will get a verified seller badge if accepted.

How much do I get charged when my item sells?

Snatchu holds 6% + $0.30 of the total of the final sale of each transaction. Any changes of the commision we will notify you.

When do i get paid?

Payments are processed every Thursday / or Friday. You can make a withdrawal request if your earnings are $20 minimum and the order is Completed by Customer.

Is there any warranty that my product will sell?

We don’t give such warranty however Snatchu will advertise and give traffic so will give a big boost for everyone. You can help your store or product by advert it also.

I talked with my customer and he/she wants a refund.

Just go to your Seller’s (Vendor) Dashboard and then to your orders. Find the order you wish to refund and select it. Apply and wait for approval.

Can I choose variations of shipping?

We are advice to keep it to free shipping as this attract customer. Do not use misleading shipping fees. E,g Good value 1$ shipping fee 50$. This is misleading and violation of out terms of use. Snatchu holds the right to ban a seller or restrict seller’s account.

Otherwise you can set your shipping fees through shipping tab under editing product.

I don’t have a tracking number for parcel to provide but is required what should I do?

Please complete it with N/A so your customer will see something there.

What is Variable Product in product editor?

Select this option to add a product with different options. That maybe different colors, sizes e.t.c.

  • To use this, go to Attributes Tab and select color, sizes e.t.c.
  • Then go to Variations Tab and select the attributes you want and combine them together.
  • From there you can select for each product variation the quantity, picture and price. You have complete control of all options there!