ALOE GEL – Aloe Vera Gel For Burn and Tissue Healing

What is Aloe?
Aloe is a plant originally from Africa. The long, green leaves contain aloe gel and a sticky yellow residue called latex.

Sources of Aloe
The gel is the part of the aloe plant used most commonly, both topically and orally. Aloe latex (also known as drug aloe) contains anthraquinone gycosides,

constituents that have strong laxative effects, so it is rarely found in commercial laxative products.

Why People Use Aloe?
Topical Uses
* Burn healing
* Wound healing
* Sunburn
* Radiation-induced skin reactions
* Genital herpes
* Psoriasis

What is the Benefit from Aloe?
One of the most popular uses of aloe vera gel is for healing burns and sunburns. So far, well-designed studies shown that aloe is effective for this.

Safety Concerns about Aloe gel
– There haven’t been problems reported with the use of aloe gel, other than occasional allergic reactions. More research on the safety of aloe needs to be done.
– Aloe gel should not be used for severe burns or wounds. People should seek medical attention.
– The safety of aloe in children, pregnant or nursing women, or people with liver and kidney disease has not been established.

Ingredient: Gel From Aloe Vera 87.399%

Indication: Burn and tissue healing

Usage: Apply on burn tissue or skin, 2-3 times a day

Caution: For external use only

Net Weight: 30g

Manufactured: Thai Herbal Products Co., Ltd. (Under License of The Government Pharmaceutical Organization)


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