Most trending products for 2019

With shopping trends changing constantly and online shopping being
the new era in shopping customs, we have decided to combine both and create a
list of the top famous products.

There are famous products for both women and men in many
categories, such as clothes accessories and gadgets, which we will see listed

Of course, most of us, tend to buy these products online since prices
differ significantly. Especially for top season’s products, known for basic
use. Take swim suits for example.

A majority of ecommerce stores are unsuccessful because they
cannot find popular and trending items to sell online. Within a huge list of
products in availability and easy access for each buyer, finding those which
will sell the most makes it quite hard. It is though, a main strategy for any
online store which want be successful.

So lets get this started people!

Weight Loss Trending Products

Ab wheel roller

Losing weight is likely to to be one of the greatest and most shared goal people set
at any time of the year and especially two to three months before summer. (I mean who is not afraid to face the mirror during summer time? I know I am!).
Fitness industry happened to be really alerted for any new trend and at the
moment one of the top ones are products which focus on the abs area, with Ab wheel roller to be one of the top.

Women Trending Products

Summer Dresses

It is not officially summer until the summer dress is out of the closet and ready
to make some hearts to skip some bits. (If you know what I mean!!!!) All kind
of them, mini, mindy, long, for the beach, for a drink and so on, with a ton of
patterns and colors to choose from. (Love them all!) In May and June, summer
dresses hit their peak, but still there are plenty of sales in July as well.
Some of the top search keywords buyers sell for this product category are
summer dresses, sleeveless dresses, floral dresses etc.


Well, it’s not like swimsuits are
the hottest and most popular trend, but some kinds are for sure in really high
rankings. Certain styles of swim suits really attract sales such as Boho
swimsuits, floral swimsuits. There is a big interest for swimsuits after they
are worn some so called influencer. Most of you think that creating a swimsuits
store cannot seem to be so creative or profitable, but you could add a few
products of this category and test it out.

Strapless Backless Bra

A common problem, all women face
while buying a new dress or top, especially for special occasion is ‘’Which bra
should I wear?’’ or ‘’I do not have a bra to match this with.’’ And then we
discovered the Strapless Backless Bra. (People cheering in the back and women
crying out of joy and happiness. HiHiHi). These strapless backless bras are
super easy to wear and highly comfortable. They will stick to the breast
through silicon suckers to avoid any wardrobe malfunction. If you are in the
fashion industry, this is a must product to sell. Trust me on that!!!!

Bohemian Earrings

Amaze your site’s guests with Bohemian-style earrings. Although to better promote these kind of products
visuals and photographs are everything. So, emphasis on the pictures and market
the Bohemian earrings like crazy.

Bohemian earrings are immortal, timeless and classic. You will not find them growing the movement of visitors
of your e-shop because they have always continued to be between the most
popular products for women.

Beach Towels

You will not believe this but there are almost 91000 searches per month for ‘beach towels’, proving that this
is trending product is really powerful for summer period. The best time to
include them in your product list is during June and July. The product can beeasily added in the list of an e-shop with general women’s or impulse buy

Men’s Trending Products

Men’s Watches

Watches are an excessive present, especially throughout the holiday season. Of course
you should not exclude this gift from anniversaries, birthdays or any other
occasion may occur throughout the year. The product seems to be a really good
idea, for those who wish to start a drop-shipping online business.

In the last years, statistical webpages show that men’s watches online search has
increased in a huge volume. Influencer and affiliate marketing tends to be one of the most powerful ways to promote a watch brand.
You can reach out to influencers to take stunning pictures of your watch out in
nature or styled fashionably.

Kid’s Trending Products

Stuffed Toy

We should all admit that stuffed animals are not only suited presents for newborn
babies, since they seem to be a really good choice of gifts for adults, in
specific occasion. A study showed that a small percentage of adults sleep with
stuffed animals, or to be more specific they cannot sleep without them at all.
(stop laughing people!!) This kind of products can produce a huge amount of
sales. And it has been that way for quite a few years.

Kitchen Trending Products

Reusable Bags

Nowadays, people have shown a significant rise of environmental conscious. With many campaigns about saving the oceans and concerns like plastics on oceans, we see a new
movement towards reusable products. Substitutional products are everywhere, in
order to replace ’harmful’, environmentally speaking products, such as straws. So,
if you are looking for a new idea for an e-store, think about an eco-friendly
one. In such a store the product you should include in your listings is
reusable bags.

Ice Cream Maker

Well, as you have all sensed summer is already
here and we are all melting in its heat. And of course we are all more than
happy when we have the chance to enjoy some ice cream. Cold, flavorful,
colorful yummy, yummy and most certainly yummy ice cream. A trending product in your summer time listings??? Ice cream maker people. Trust me!

Health & Wellness Trending Products

Teeth Whitening

We should all admit that one of the first things we see on a person is their big, bright and shinning smile. Come on admit it! We all know it! And it is true! J

So as you can imagine yellow teeth… well they can be quite embarrassing. So teeth whitening could be a really good choice of a product to include to your products’ list. And since this trending product could solve such an embarrassing problem, buyers may feel obligated to make an instinct purchase.

Hundreds have already ordered this kind of product from various sites, which definitely shows how popular4 and trending this product could be.

Tech Trending Products

Phone Cases

You want a popular and trending product to sell online??? TADAAAAA!!!!!!

Now lets be honest. What is the first thing we all do after purchasing a new cell phone? Order a new trending, good looking phone case. And of course we search online to pace our order. The most popular of these products of course are silicone matte phone cases. The best thing about phone cases is that new trends and styles are constantly developed.

Marketing wise, If the pictures are attention
grabbing, you could be able to aim to impulse purchase orders. You can generate
targeted ads for your products to escalate your sales.

Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless phone charges are searched grandly online since they happen to be the most trending smartphone accessory. And the reason is simple. We move a lot. And we cannot live without our phones. And of course we cannot imagine running out of battery right? So it is a really good idea to start selling wireless phone charges on your ecommerce store. You can either directly import the product from manufacturers, or dropship the product to your e-store.

Pets’ Trending Products

Cat Massage Comb

You know how pet owners have a daily struggle with their pets… HAIR! They are everywhere, flying around in the air. And then we have cat owner… Well, poor them!
This issue is multiplied by ten. AT LEAST! If you own a pet e-store, you can
include this trending product since it will be in high demand for your

Inflatable Pet Collars

Pet collars are a new trend in the bazaar. These inflatable pet collars can be used from both cats and dogs during sleep or travelling. However, the core purpose of this trending product is to guard your pets from injuries on their faces, or help them get well after an injury. If you have a pet online store, then retailing pet collars in 2019 is assuredly a great idea.



I wanted to be really fair so I did not want to include this in the Men’s
category. Girls you know it is not a secret. I know each one of you will say
they do not snore but the truth might be miles away, so just read and most of all… forgive me! (hahhahahha). Now to be honest besides of the aesthetic side of this effect, snoring and sleeping apnea can be a serious problem. Have you ever stayed up all night because of your partner’s snoring? Nightmare!

Anti-snoring products can be the hero in this case. The issue will not disappear forever but it will be eliminated for sure. So try to include this in your product lists, such as chin support straps, anti-snoring nose clips and mouth guards attract hundreds of orders.

That’s it! We have created a small short list of the best and most trending products to include in your on-line store to increase your sales and make money. Now it is your turn to transform and exchange these trending product ideas into hard cash.