Customer Support & Payment

Q How can I contact Seller

A If you have a pre-sale question just press the I have a question button next to the item you like. Or press inquiry button on sellers store.

If you have an order question or any other regarding that order go to your dashboard and select orders. Next to that order press support button

Reasons to contact sellers?

  • If you have any questions that are not listed in the product description.
  • For a question that is not listed in the Description.
  • In case of problem in transactions and goods.


Q Do I need an account to purchase?

A You don’t need an account to purchase just enter your Address, name, email and phone number you don’t even need to have a PayPal account However, your welcome to join us and get advantage for more features. Also if you don’t have an account you cannot monitor your orders through our website.

Q Is there any extra charge on shipping?

A No what you see in the listing is what you get except if any shipping fees in listing. However, some custom charges may apply when arrive to your Country. For more information, contact your Country’s Customs.

Q What kind of payment methods Snatchu accepts?

A At the moment we accept only PayPal and Credit Cards. All payments are handle by PayPal so please read their policies before purchasing. You can find PayPal policies here

Q How can I order?

A The process is so easy and fun, just select the product you like.

Add your product to the cart. From there choose quantity then

Press checkout and enter required information. There you have it wait for your goods to arrive.

Q The payment has been decline why?

A Some Common reasons for declining the payment are:

  • Not enough funds in your card or PayPal account
  • Some kind of amount restriction from your card or bank.
  • Maybe technical issues at that moment like internet problems.
  • Contact your bank or fund provider to resolve this.

Q My account was charged but the order is not placed.

A Please check your bank account and make sure that you were actually charged. If no order was placed usually the amount will be returned on your credit account.

However Contact us anytime you feel like. [email protected]

Q How to change size, color or other information after the order is placed.

A If the order is not on shipped status please contact the seller in the order tab there is a support button next to the specific order and inform him before your parcel dispatch.

Q How to cancel my order if not shipped yet.

A To cancel your order for now you have to contact the seller. Go to your dashboard and select orders. Find your order and press support button.

Q The item didn’t arrive or is defected.

A No worries things happen. Snatchu has you covered here. The first step is to contact the seller from your order menu by pressing the support button next to that order. Give him the chance to make it right. He may resend you the item or refund you. It is mandatory to contact seller first.

Q I am register but i cant find a way to sell my products in the site.

A Easy you have to become a seller. Go to your Dashboard you will find a Become Vendor button. Or press the Sell on Snatchu button next to account button on top of the page. Complete the required information and that’s it. Please read our seller policies.