Snatchu is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers meet. We are based in Cyprus, Europe with worldwide activity.

Here you can enjoy low prices. Anyone that is Retailer, Merchant, Store Owner and Online Product Provider can sell and everyone can buy. Most importantly here you can have fun!

Its run by young people with open minds so we keep it friendly and professional giving you the best experience possible.

You wonder why to use Snatchu?

  • Although this is a new platform we give attention to all of our customers for the best support possible.
  • We concentrate on evolving and expanding Snatchu to be a simple place with features you will love.
  • Guarantee money back policy if the product is not deliver to you, if the item is damage, defected or not matching the description.
  • We monitor both sellers and buyers any fraudulent activity or bad service so we can help to a clean trusted marketplace for everyone to enjoy
  • We reply to all messages within 24 hours!
  • We use most modern security measures available.

You can read our privacy policy and terms of use for more details.